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What renters want from smart home tech

Landlords can earn more money on their rentals by giving tenants what they want.

What do renters want? If you're a property management company or someone trying to rent out your home or apartment, it's an important question.

One answer comes from a 2022 survey from the popular online marketplace, It found that 82% of renters want at least one smart home device or system in their residence. Helpful, right? But which smart home technology should you choose?

At Asurion, we fix and protect all your favorite tech. Here's our guide to the best smart home essentials for landlords.

Why should you include smart home tech in your rental property?

Most tenants want at least one smart home device in their rental, but according to the 2022 survey, only half of respondents have one. So there's an opportunity for landlords to make their rental more attractive to tenants and earn more money. In fact, the same survey found that renters would pay $35 to $50 more per month for most smart home products.

Need help getting started with smart home or smart apartment tech? Check out our guide on how to automate your rental property.

What smart home devices do tenants want?

Here's some smart home technology you should consider installing right away.

Smart thermostats

This is the smart device that renters want most. When connected to Wi-Fi, it lets your tenants create a personal heating or cooling plan for their homes even when they're asleep or away.

A smart thermostat can help you (or your tenant) save money on your utility bills. And it's relatively inexpensive, as the most basic models start at around $60.

This device is also convenient to use and easy to install. But before you buy one or attempt to DIY, check out our guide to smart thermostats.

Smart locks

Smart locks are another device that tops renters' wish lists, according to the survey. Using a smart lock and wireless technology, your tenant (or you) can lock and unlock the door using a keypad or a smartphone app instead of a physical key.

Smart locks improve safety and security for both your property and your tenants. Many models include a built-in alarm and will lock out anyone who tries the wrong entry code too many times.

To learn more about smart locks, read our guides to smart lock safety and everything you need to know before buying smart locks.

Smart appliances

People love a tricked-out kitchen, and according to the survey, tenants are looking for smart appliances, like a smart oven, microwave, and fridge, in their rentals. These devices allow renters to control their appliances using a smartphone. They also may let you charge more for rent.

Want to learn more about smart appliances? Check out our guide to the best smart home devices for your kitchen.

Smart bulbs

Renters want smart lighting, and that's an easy add. Just replace one or more regular bulbs with smart ones. There's no need to install dimmers or switches in the wall. Your tenant will appreciate smart lights they can control remotely from their phone or put on a schedule to turn on and off automatically. Whoever pays the bill will also save on electricity.

Smart smoke detectors

Besides convenience and efficiency, what else do people really want in a smart home? Safety. That's where smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors come in.

Devices like the Google Nest® Protect smoke alarm or the First Alert® Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Co alarm set off a loud siren when there's smoke or carbon monoxide in the building. Then your smart home system calls the police or fire department and sends a notification to your smart phone. This is a great investment for you and a potential lifesaver for your tenant.

Another great feature: Smart smoke detectors run automatic tests and will let you know when they're working correctly. Now, you can forget false alarms and middle-of-the-night calls from your tenant to change the alarm battery.

Smart home security system

You can help protect your property and your tenants with a smart home security system. Consider installing a video doorbell, window sensors, or an entire security system, depending on your needs. Just keep in mind that your renters want to feel comfortable in their home. So, you'll want to avoid devices like indoor security cameras that may feel like a violation of privacy.

To learn more, check out our guide to the best smart home security systems. There are plenty of affordable options.

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