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Soluto Service is the easiest way to get more from your tech

More than tech support, Soluto is easy, instant access to a tech expert, to solve any technology issue you could ever have with almost any device you’ll ever own.

Easy & Accessible

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Reach a tech expert in one click by phone or chat.

Friendly & Supportive

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U.S.-based tech experts provide personalized help and can even access your device remotely with your permission.

Exciting & Limitless

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Soluto goes beyond troubleshooting to help you connect, play, stream and get the most out of all of your devices.

What is Soluto Support?

Soluto is instant access to a tech expert to solve any technology issue you could ever have. Unlike traditional support, you don’t have to call multiple numbers, be on hold or bounce around to different people. From setup and real-time troubleshooting, to discovering all your device’s amazing features, our tech experts help you unlock your device’s full potential – so you can be more productive and stay connected. Soluto offers unlimited, all-inclusive tech support.

Our Soluto premier tech experts work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

They have the tools and tech knowledge to solve your device problem in one call.

Kelexus helped a customer get up and running with his first smartphone.

Experience the difference.

Unlike other tech support services, Soluto provides unlimited and all-inclusive tech help and guidance for all of your connected devices.

Using Green Technology on a smartphone

When you have the opportunity to replace an aging appliance, check for the smart energy options available today through which you’ll often save money over the life of the appliance as well as make less of an impact on the world around you!

Smartphone showing how secure data works on cloud technology

You know how important backups are for the files on your computer.  But are you also backing up the files on your smartphone? Your cell phone is a computer too!  If you lose or break your phone, those critical photos, music, and other essential files are at risk if you’re not backing up.

Why Get Soluto Service?

All-Inclusive Premier Tech Help

One tap to customer support, and we don’t give up until your problem is solved.

Device Integration & Remote Device Management

Soluto service makes your technology work together regardless of brand or OS.

Fast Resolution of All Device Problems

Don’t spend hours searching for a solution that may not work.

New Device Setup

Get up and running with new smartphone setup, photo and video backup, data transfer and more.

Real-Time Device Troubleshooting

Resolve slow connection issues, operating system questions, printer troubleshooting and more.

Tech Guidance & Training

Learn how to connect to Bluetooth, stream audio, wirelessly print, and more.

Note: Features vary by carrier. Check with your provider to see what is included.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of things can Soluto Tech Experts help me with?

Soluto tech experts offer technical help and are trained to utilize remote device access and diagnostics to help you with your device and everything you connect it to. Examples:

  • Set up a new device – not sure how to get started? Let the tech experts walk you through the process.
  • Software updates – never worry about OS updates again. Soluto reps can even help train you on new features and functionality
  • Smartphone tune-up – battery running slow or sluggish? Enhance your phone’s performance and maximize battery life
  • Laptop/PC/Mac tune-up – Get your tech connected with optimized wi-fi service for super-fast audio/video streaming, screen mirroring, and data transfer
  • Making you more productive – app recommendations so you can make the most out of your device
  • Get those peripherals humming – connect your printers, scanners and other smart devices to your network to maximize productivity
  • Connecting to your car or home – support for your phone and everything you connect to it
  • Backing up security to the cloud – never worry about your personal data or contacts again
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues – get your Wi-Fi up and running again to avoid data overage charges from your carrier
  • Remove viruses, malware and spyware – Get install help for security software, including personal data/identity protection apps and smart home devices.
  • And so much more

How do I reach a Soluto Tech Expert?

There are two convenient ways to reach a live, onshore tech expert:

  1. Using the Soluto app’s instant access via click-to-call or click-to-chat features
  2. Using your carrier support phone number

What if I have more complicated issues with my phone that need to be resolved?

Through the Protection App, customers have direct, one-click access to friendly and knowledgeable Soluto technical support to troubleshoot customer problems, no matter how simple or complex, across platforms, devices, and services. No wait times, menus, or appointments needed.

Will I reach someone directly or sit in a phone queue?

U.S.-based Soluto tech experts are available in seconds when utilizing the click-to-call or click-to-chat features in the Soluto app. No hold times, transfers or waiting in a phone queue, just simple direct access to tech experts when you need them most.

How many times can I call Soluto tech experts each week?

As many as you like! Soluto tech experts are here for you and will help you with.

Besides instant access to tech experts, does the Soluto app do anything else?

Yes, the Soluto app also:

  • Sends proactive notifications that inform you to make adjustments to improve your device’s performance.
  • Provides content that teaches you more about your device to get the most out of its capabilities.
  • Sends diagnostic data to tech experts so they can see what potential issues you might have, enabling quick resolutions.
  • Allows tech experts to remote-in to your device, if you choose, so demonstrations on the solutions and features can be done in real time.

What if I have more complicated issues with my phone that need to be resolved?

Through the Soluto app, customers have direct, one-click access to friendly and knowledgeable Soluto tech experts who can resolve customer tech issues, no matter how simple or complex, across platforms, devices, and services. No wait times, menus, or appointments needed.