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One click takes you to the tech answers you need, to do all the things you want to do.

Friendly & Supportive

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U.S.-based tech experts are ready to answer any tech question and solve any device problem.

Exciting & Limitless


Learn to connect, play, stream, and share from your smartphone and all your connected devices.

Our Soluto experts work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

They have the tools and knowledge to solve your problem in one call.

Kelexus helped a customer get up and running with his first smartphone.

Experience the difference.

Soluto service has reinvented tech support for your connected life.


A quick call, no waiting or transfers

One tap to call, and we don’t give up until your problem is solved.


Basic support is not enough

Soluto service makes your tech work together regardless of brand or OS.


Get the right answer and get it fast

Don’t spend hours searching for a solution that may not work.

Note: Features vary by carrier. Check with your provider to see what is included.