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Father and son playing video games while mom watches

Part 6: Shiny toys and happy people

How tech makes us feel and why these emotions are important.

Technology has a positive impact on our lives

Most people agree that device ownership adds value to their day-to-day.

Graph that shows tech in homes makes more people feel happy and productive in their home.

Asurion Tech Lifestyle Study 2024 Base: Total Completes (n=1,004)
 Q: For each pair, please indicate which statement you agree with more strongly. Answers on both sides comprise agree and strongly agree responses.

The emotional side of tech

Yes, there’s a mix of positive emotions evoked by our devices, especially those for personal connectivity (smartphones, tablets, and fitness trackers). People report feeling satisfied, productive, happy, in control, and confident. Here’s how they felt about other tech:

Dad uses a VR headset while the kids watch

For entertainment systems, we see emotions like satisfaction, happiness, and control but also excitement and relaxation—as you might expect for tech involving gaming and TV.

Man laughing while sitting behind a desk with monitors

There’s a highly productive and satisfying mix of emotions for home office tech, presumably underlining a reliable, hassle-free experience for people’s work environments.

Couple uses a tablet to view their front door camera

It’s no surprise that people are trending towards VR/AR headsets, but what about smart speakers and voice assistants? It’s true. And security tech makes them feel safe and in control.

Mom and son use the dishwasher while the dog licks a plate

Smart appliances have a weaker emotional response, partly due to their newness, unfamiliarity, and the difficulty of making them seem cool. But smart fridges do make some users feel “trendy.”

Woman looking at her smart watch on her wrist

The leading devices in our lives

  • The most productive device: a desktop computer or laptop

  • The device that makes people happiest: a gaming console

  • The most confidence-building gadget: a smart security tool

  • The most empowering device: a fitness tracker

  • The most relaxing technology: a smart TV

Teenager looks in the refrigerator

The gadgets we love ... least

  • The least-effective device for spreading happiness is a smart fridge. The least empowering is a home audio system.

  • Smart washers and dryers are the worst for instilling pride.

  • The device with the least ability to make users feel cool and trendy is, of course, the router.

So what happens next?

The tech media talks excitedly about the emergence of futuristic categories, like AI, e-skin, smelly VR, and necrobiotics (yes, turning dead things into robots). As engaging as these storylines are, it’s unlikely they will impact the daily lives of regular people anytime soon. But let’s just wait and see.