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Girl with headphones on sitting a bed using a phone and laptop

Part 1: Let's talk about tech

How people are buying, using, and thinking about devices.

We all own a phone (obviously)

But the one surprise here is that just 5% of consumers say they're planning to replace their phone in the next 12 months.

Graph showing that people already own devices in every category. Smart phone, tablet, smart watch, fitness tracker, etc.

Legend for the graph. Data collected from Asurion Tech Lifestyle Study 2023 Q2.

A VR Gaming headset with the caption "17% own VR/AR headsets" superimposed on top

Entertainment systems

Don’t sleep on the VR/AR headset. While only a few people currently own this device, 8% are planning to buy one for the first time in the next 12 months, raising total ownership to 1 in 4 people—despite its hefty price tag.

A couple sitting in their living room. "49% own a smart speaker or voice assistant" caption overlay

Smart home devices

Nearly half of all people own a smart speaker/voice assistant, and one-third also own security devices. However, 38% of people are expected to own smart home devices (thermostats, locks, and curtains) in the next year.

A woman washing clothes with a washer/dryer. "17% own smart washer/dryer" caption overlay

Smart appliances

In the next 12 months, 16% of people plan to buy a smart appliance for the first time, which will take ownership to 42% overall. But before you know it, people will find it difficult to replace an appliance with one that isn’t smart.

An older woman holding a drink in one hand and using a laptop

Boomers are buying tech too

  • A few of them (7%) plan to buy a smart watch in the next 12 months, and those already wearing one say they’re using it more than expected—even more than Gen Z (65% vs. 43%).

  • Boomers also dominate computer ownership at 85%, with 6% planning to replace their computer this year.

  • 3 in 10 Boomers own a smart home security device. And 9% plan to buy one for the first time within 12 months.

Two kids using a smart phone mounted with a circle light. Similar to how influencers record themselves in videos for social media

Kids get all the cool toys

Households with children are far more likely to own a number of smart devices than households without them. This includes a home audio system, gaming console, gaming PC, smart home security device, streaming device, tablet, smart TV, smart speaker/voice assistant, smart watch, and VR/AR headset.

Phew! That’s a lot.