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10 smart appliances worth buying for your home

Woman using smartphone to control smart appliance

If you’ve ever watched The Jetsons, you may have felt a bit jealous that they could finish their chores with the push of a button. Fast-forward to the smart appliances on the market now. Today’s smart appliances are nearly as fast and efficient (though we’re still holding out for our very own Dial-A-Meal machine).

From smart coffeemakers to smart refrigerators, smart appliances for your home are available at a variety of price points and are a great way to give your home new life. But with so many options, how do you know which are worth investing in? That’s where we come in. 

Asurion’s appliance experts are trained and experienced with all major appliances, including smart ones. Here are their recommendations for smart home appliances every homeowner should consider. 

What makes an appliance smart?

What makes an appliance a smart one is its ability to connect to the internet and some of your other smart gadgets. That means that, depending on the type of appliance, you may have the option to control it from your home’s smart hub, your smartphone, or even with your voice.

What are some must-have smart appliances?

You can’t call your home “smart” without a few key appliances–okay, you can but more smart gadgets never hurt anyone. 

Smart refrigerators

Most of the items on the list have “smart” in the name, and that includes our first appliance—the smart refrigerator. These fridges can connect to your other smart devices and the internet, so you can easily create a shopping list on the touchscreen or use the small camera inside the fridge to see what you have from your phone while you’re at the store. What’s not to like?

Smart oven and warming drawer

Between smart ovens and smart ranges, you have options. From setting the oven to preheat while you bring your groceries in to making sure the lasagna you lovingly prepped the night before bakes while you drive home, there’s plenty to do when you can control your stove from your phone. 

For even more convenience, match your smart oven with an equally smart warming drawer. Smart warming drawers let you maintain precise temperature control and remote operation through a smartphone app or voice assistant, which is especially handy when preparing multiple courses or hosting gatherings. 

Smart dishwasher

Smart dishwashers are smart enough to communicate with your smartphone or home hub—which means you can start a load of dishes from anywhere, anytime. They’re also smart enough to adjust features to make them more water and energy-efficient. Depending on the model, smart dishwashers may offer various wash cycles and sensors to customize water usage and cycle duration based on load size and soil levels.

Smart countertop appliances 

Even your small appliances get a chance to get in on the smart wave. They typically have budget-friendly prices and come with Wi-Fi access, which means you can set up daily routines or start the appliance right from your phone. 

From starting a cup of coffee or prepping a slow-cooking soup in the pressure cooker, multi-tasking just got easier. Here are some small smart appliances to check out: 

  • Smart Wi-Fi pressure cooker
  • Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers
  • Microwave with voice control 
  • Digital air fryer

Some of these items are voice-control compatible. You can use voice commands on the device directly or through other compatible smart devices, like Alexa™. 

Shopping around for a few user-friendly smart kitchen gadgets? Check out more tips in our guide to creating the ultimate smart kitchen.

Smart washer and dryer 

Smart appliances aren’t limited to just your kitchen. Who wouldn’t love less hassle on laundry day? With a smart washer and dryer, you not only have the option to control your appliances remotely but also use features that prevent over-drying and help you conserve energy in your home.

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