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How to change the light colors on your PS5 controller

PS5 Controller with blue light

Bring a splash of color to your gaming setup by changing the color of your PlayStation® controller. Whether it's matching it to your room's aesthetic, coordinating with your favorite game's theme, or simply craving a change, changing the color of your PS5® controller can add a fun and personalized touch that makes each session uniquely yours.

At Asurion, our experts have the tech know-how to help with any problem—including those that might stump the average gamer, like fixing a controller that won’t connect. Here’s our guide on how to change your PS5 controller color.

Can you change the PS5 controller color?

You can use a controller skin to change the color of your PS5 controller at any time. Changing the color of a PlayStation controller’s light bar is a bit trickier.

You might have seen steps for changing the color of your controller online, but those changes are limited to the item you’ve got the controller connected to, like a tablet or a gaming PC. Once you reconnect your controller back to your console, it’ll go back to being that basic blue or red. Currently, PS5 system settings don’t allow changing the controller light's color. The light bar color indicates different things, like which player you are or the controller’s charging status. However, there are creative alternatives.

Ways you can change the PS5 controller colors

For those looking to customize their PS5 controller colors, there are a few options. You can buy PS5 controllers that are already modified with customer LED lighting, you can buy the parts and modify the controller yourself, or you can use a third-party program made by fellow gamers.

Using third-party apps and software

Modification software isn’t regulated by Sony® at all and may open up your computer to potential risks. When using third-party modification programs, you’ll want to consider a few things before diving into downloading anything new:

  • Research reliable software. Look for reputable third-party software that allows customization of PS5 controller lights.
  • Customize changes using software. Use the software’s interface to change the color of your PS5 controller’s light bar.
  • Follow the installation instructions. Carefully install the software on your PC or compatible device, following all safety and usage guidelines.

If downloading computer software is not your thing, you can check your controller’s individual settings on gaming platforms like Steam® to see if there are color options there.

How to maintain controller performance

While customizing your PS5 controller, keeping performance in mind is crucial so your gear is always game-ready.

  • Avoid “overmodding”. Over-modification can sometimes interfere with the controller's functionality. Stick to simple changes that won’t affect performance.
  • Regularly update the software. Keep your controller and any customization software you’ve chosen to download regularly updated to ensure smooth operation.
  • Handle your controller with care. When applying any physical modifications, such as controller skins, covers, or lights, ensure they do not hinder the buttons or joystick movement.

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