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How to fix a freezer that's too cold

Person defrosting too cold freezer

It may seem odd, but there is such a thing as a freezer that's too cold. And if yours isn't the right temperature, it won't work properly.

At Asurion, we don't just fix appliances, we fix the frustration you feel when yours aren't functioning—whether it's a dryer that's not spinning or a dishwasher that's not dispensing soap.

We'll walk you through what to do if your freezer is too cold.

What to do if your freezer is too cold

If ice is building up inside your freezer or you notice your food is freezer-burned, your freezer may be running too cold.

Here's how to check and adjust the temperature to keep your frozen food in good condition.

Check the temperature settings

If you suspect your freezer is too cold, check the temperature. Most newer freezers have a built-in thermometer, or you can buy one and place it in the freezer.

The ideal temperature for your freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but -10 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit should be fine.

If the temperature is any lower, or if it's a little low and you want to get it just right, try moving the gauge to 0 degrees and check again in 24 hours after it has had time to adjust.

Inspect your fridge's air damper or freezer control

The air damper, also called the freezer control on some models, is the part of your appliance that controls cold air moving from the freezer to the fridge. If it's broken, your fridge may be too warm, and too much cold air may be collecting in the freezer. To see if this is the problem, try the following steps:

  1. Unplug the fridge.
  2. Locate your air damper or freezer control, typically found at the top or side of the fridge.
  3. Remove the damper cover and check to see if anything is blocking the air damper.
  4. Check the damper flap for any signs of wear or damage, and make sure the flap can move easily.
  5. Confirm that the temperature control sensor/thermistor is attached to the damper and positioned correctly.
  6. If anything is loose or broken, you may need to call a repair expert.

Reset the temperature sensor or thermistor

Still worried that your freezer is getting too cold? The temperature sensor, also called a thermistor, tracks the temperature in both your freezer and fridge, and it adjusts the speed and movement of the fans, damper, and compressor. If it's not working correctly, the sensor may need to be reset. Here's what to do:

  1. Find the sensor, which is usually located in the air inlet. On most models it will look like a capsule enclosed in plastic with two wires attached.
  2. Consult the owner's manual for your appliance to find the fault code to reset the sensor.
  3. If this doesn't work, call a repair expert for help.

What about your fridge? Are your veggies freezing in the crisper, or are your beverages turning to ice on the shelves? Check out our guide to how to fix a refrigerator that's too cold.

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