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Should you repair or replace your tablet?

Tablet repair expert

Is it worth repairing your tablet? If you've ever dropped your device in a puddle, cracked its screen, or noticed that it's acting sluggish, you've probably asked yourself this question.

The answer is complicated and depends on several factors: how old your tablet is, how much damage its withstood, how much it'll cost to fix, and the state of its warranty.

Don't worry though. At Asurion, we help people with their tech every day, from teaching you how to print from your iPad® to showing you how to stay safe online. Here's our guide to when to repair or replace your tablet.

Tablet repair costs

How much is it to repair a tablet? Prices vary based on the device you have, the type of damage, and the parts that need to be replaced. To give you a general sense, consider this: The cost of a new iPad is at least $449. On average, if you repair the screen at a uBreakiFix® by Asurion store, you'll save over 40% compared to buying a new one.

To find out what it'll cost to fix your broken tablet, you can bring it to the manufacturer or a local tech repair shop and request an estimate. Keep in mind, repairing your device with the original manufacturer is typically more expensive than an independent shop. If you choose the latter, make sure to find one that offers up-front pricing and a warranty for the work.

Is it worth repairing my tablet?

The answer to this question depends on what matters most to you and how you want to spend your money. Here are a few questions to consider.

Is your tablet under warranty?

Most tablets are under warranty for at least the first year. Check the warranty on your device—if yours is still covered, you may be eligible for a free or low-cost repair or replacement. Also, visit the manufacturer's website for more information. If your tablet is insured, reach out to the provider for details.

What's the cost of the repair?

If the cost of repairing your tablet is 50% or more of the cost of buying a new one, you should strongly consider a replacement.

Let's say it's going to cost $100 to repair your tablet. Depending on your budget, that's probably worth paying considering a new iPad starts at $449 and a new iPad Pro starts at $799, while a new Galaxy tablet can cost anywhere from roughly $454 to about $849.99, depending on the model.

How much do you like your tablet?

If your current device does everything you need it to do and if it makes sense to pursue a repair, go for it. But if you're intrigued by new models with other features, consider upgrading, especially if it's expensive to fix your current device.

What should I do with my old tablet?

If you do decide to replace your tablet, make sure you recycle your old one responsibly. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Take advantage of electronics recycling services at participating uBreakiFix® by Asurion stores.
  • Bring it to a big box store, like Staples® or Best Buy®, which will send your phone to recyclers.
  • This Environmental Protection Agency list lets you search by company and product.
  • Drop off your tablet at a certified electronics recycling center. Consumer Technology Associates (CTA)® and Sustainable Electronics Recycling International both let you search for a center by location.

Common tablet issues

Most tablets last about 5 years, according to Statista. But the lifespan of your device depends on several factors. Here are the most important ones.

A cracked screen

Sometimes you can live with a tiny scrape in a corner of your tablet, but cracked tablet screens never fix themselves. They make your device more vulnerable to water, dust, and grime by creating tiny openings for them to get inside and cause damage. Larger cracks, meanwhile, are dangerous—you can cut yourself on the chips and shards.

The location and severity of a crack affects whether you should repair or replace your tablet. Keep in mind that if the LCD behind your screen is also damaged, the repair may be more costly.

A degraded battery

Your tablet's battery lasts about 2 to 3 years, but its lifespan also depends on how you use your device. Once fully charged, your tablet should work for at least 5 or 6 hours, but battery life can decrease if you leave lots of apps running or turn up the screen brightness all the way. Luckily, for many models, a tablet battery replacement is simple and affordable and can help your device last longer.

Water damage

Tablets can't swim, so if you drop your tablet in water, you risk corrosion and even a short circuit. Simply knocking a glass of water on your device can cause an issue too. Skip the bag of rice and bring your device to a tablet repair expert who can assess the damage.

Software issues

If your tablet is acting slow or the screen seems off, you may have a software problem. Extended warranty plans can help with this, giving you an extra year of coverage once the standard warranty ends.

Make sure your tablet is protected

One simple way to expand the lifespan of your tablet is to protect it. With an Asurion Home+ protection plan, your tablet and all other eligible devices in your home are covered against breakdowns, defects and normal wear and tear. Learn more about Asurion Home+ coverage.

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