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Smart tech for new parents

Beginning your journey into parenthood is an exciting time. Luckily for today’s parents, there are more products than ever that are geared towards watching over your newborn and making life just a little easier. We’re here to help you know where to start. Here’s our guide to useful smart tech for all moms and dads (and grandparents, too):

Smart sock for monitoring heartbeat

Smart sock for monitoring heartbeat

Achieve a little more peace of mind when leaving the baby in their crib to catch some zzz’s while you catch up on things around the house (or on some much needed sleep yourself) with the help of the Owlet Smart Sock. This amazing new wearable device simply wraps around your baby’s foot while they’re snoozing and monitors their heart rate, oxygen levels and how soundly they’re sleeping. Included with the at home heartbeat monitor is a base station which stays green as long as everything is okay, but will rapidly blink and make alert sounds if it detects irregular levels. You can also download the Owlet app to your phone to receive real-time notifications.

Smart sound machine for encouraging rest

Smart home night light and sound machine

When it comes to getting little ones to sleep, we know the more help, the better. That’s where devices like the Hatch Baby Rest come in handy. A nightlight and a sound machine rolled into one, you can customize the nursery environment to encourage more restful sleep. The best part is you can do it all from an app on your phone, so you don’t run the risk of waking the baby up when tiptoeing back into the room to change the settings. The Hatch Baby Rest also has a built-in Time-to-Rise indicator that’s great for encouraging routines like bath and bedtime as your child grows.

Smart baby monitor that connects to your phone

Smart baby camera with smartphone app

Keep an extra set of eyes and ears on your infant at all times with smart baby cameras like the iBaby monitor. This smart monitor lets you watch over baby from anywhere, day or night, in full HD with their smartphone app. You can also set up notifications to alert you if there’s changes in temperature or humidity in their room, as well as changes in movement. Plus, it has the added bonus of two-way audio so you can sing or speak to your little one to soothe them if they get a little fussy during naptime.

Smart lights and songs to help calm your little one

Smart light and sound projector for baby and toddler nursery

Getting babies to sleep soundly is no easy feat. Luckily, there are smart devices out there designed to help calm your little bundle of joy. For example, the Fisher-Price SmartConnect Deluxe Soother projects soothing lights and plays songs and sounds that encourage relaxation. Control everything from the lighting effects and music from anywhere, all from an app on your smart device.

Wearable baby thermometer to help with the sniffles

Wearable baby thermometer for taking temperature

Dealing with baby’s first cold is inevitable, and anyone who’s ever tried to take the temperature of a wiggly baby knows that’s not the most fun for anyone involved. Thankfully, new wearable baby thermometers like the Infanttech Smarttemp help your baby get undisturbed rest while allowing you to keep an eye on their temperature. Using Bluetooth, the wearable thermometer tracks your child’s temperature right through an app on your smartphone. You can even set alerts that will notify you if there’s a spike in their fever.

Smart plugs to turn any device into a smart one

Smart plug for smart home

Turn your most useful electronic devices into smart devices with the help of smart plugs. Control lamps, light switches, coffee pots for much needed caffeine fixes, and other tech all from your phone or tablet. Want to turn the humidifier on in your baby’s room, but you don’t want to risk waking them up? If it’s plugged into the smart plug — you can turn it on and off all from your phone!

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