Soluto Tech Expert: Brayan’s Story

Patience, because you never know.


With 10 minutes left on his shift, Brayan took his last call of the day.  The call lasted over an hour.  Asurion’s Soluto Expert supports his customer by building a rapport and convincing her she was capable of using their new iphone and ipad.

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Brayan built a rapport with his customer to convince her she was capable of using her new devices.

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<Soluto Story – Brayan>

<Patience, because you never know.>

>> Brayan: In the beginning, she was very frustrated. She needed a lot of help with her new iphone and her new ipad.

<With 10 minutes left on his shift, Brayan took his last call of the day. The call lasted over an hour.>

>> Brayan: She had feature phones before so these were her first smartphones, and she went to get the new ipad, so her state of mind was definitely frustrated and she needed help.

<The customer’s health issues created additional challenges for resolving the problem.>

>> Brayan: During the call, the customer at points, she wouldn’t absorb it. So, she would need a lot of description. She wanted me to be very detailed and she had also gone through cancer. So I guess she was full of life. She was ready to take on the technology world.

<Brayan built a rapport with the customer to convince her she was capable of using the new devices.>

>> Brayan: Our customers, at times, can get frustrated but that’s where your training comes into hand. We have to let them know that the reason why we have taken this long is because we are doing everything possible to resolve the customer’s issue. Throughout the call she told me she was ready to take those two devices back and just continue her life without having to worrry about techology and just continue with her feature phone. So, I was sure to let her know that I am going to help you. I’m here for you. Whatever we need to do or whatever it takes, I’m going to get it taken care of.

<Brayan relies on inspiration from his father’s hard work ethic to get him through difficult calls.>

>> Brayan: When we were in a difficult situation, our father would never give up. He had those three jobs to help us be in a better economic state. So that is in the back of my mind, to never give up for a customer.

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