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Long live tech

When our devices last longer, nature does too.

Big steps toward a smaller footprint

At Asurion, we’re doing more every day to repair, repurpose, and reuse technology— it’s better for the planet and helps people live more affordable, sustainable lives.

138 million devices repaired

We repair electronics so they last longer, saving you money while saving the planet—a win-win.

Find out how your repair has an impactFind out how your repair has an impact
99% of returned devices are reused

We refurbish phones to use as replacements, limiting the environmental impact of making new ones.

See how we give phones a second lifeSee how we give phones a second life
36% carbon footprint reduction

We’ve completed 100+ energy-related projects to achieve our carbon-reduction goals.

Check out all our corporate effortsCheck out all our corporate efforts
55 million lbs of e-waste prevented

We make it safe and convenient to recycle old, outdated, or unwanted electronics.

Learn more about our recycling programLearn more about our recycling program
broken phone transformed by repair and refurbishment

Love the one you’re with

We all love the latest tech, but the most sustainable device is the one you have.

More than 80% of a smartphone’s carbon footprint comes from making it. So the more often they’re replaced, the greater their environmental impact.*

customer recycling device at Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions

Want to join us?

You can make a difference today by recycling your unwanted devices at a uBreakiFix® by Asurion store near you.