Tech Expert: Charise’s Story

Tech Expert: Charise’s Story

Turning around a tough customer.

Charise wins over a skeptical customer when she syncs the customers Facebook App contacts with her phone.  An Asurion Tech Expert proves to be someone’s angel for a day.

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Charise embraced the challenge of turning around an uneasy customer.

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Tech Expert Story – Charise
Turning around a tough customer.

Charise: Originally, when he called he gave me a disclaimer. He goes, “Well my wife don’t have the best personality. Her words can come out as one thing but she really mean another.”

The customer’s wife wanted to sync Facebook contacts with her phone.

Charise: And so I said, “Well, if you want to go ahead and grab her, go ahead and grab her, so I can show her how it’s done and whatever. He said “I’m not sure Charise. I don’t know if you’re ready for this.” So she got on the phone and the minute she said hello, “yeah, can you fix it?” I was like, hah. “Hi M’am” and she just kept on talking. I said “The great news is I use Facebook every day and she’s like, “Well do you?” I said, “Yeah, I have a Facebook app on my phone right now. So, I’ll log into mine, make sure mine’s up, so I can walk you through.”

Charise synched the contacts with Facebook, successfully displaying the Facebook logo.

Charise: It was like winning the lottery, she was so excited. “Why did it take almost three months to see that logo? Someone had me reset my phone and it wasn’t there.” And so, she saw it and she was happy, she wanted to make sure it didn’t disappear. So I educated her on how to, you know, keep the contacts how it was. We got it to where everything she wanted was there. She was like, “Charise, I knew you were going to be my angel this morning.”

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