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How to fix an Android phone stuck in SOS mode

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Fast fix

Here’s how to turn off Emergency SOS on most Android™ models. 

  1. Open Settings > Safety & Emergency > Emergency SOS
  2. Under How it works, tap Settings
  3. Tap Turn off Emergency SOS

If you have an accident and need help, the Emergency SOS feature on your Android could be a lifesaver. But when your phone gets stuck in SOS mode or calls 911 when there’s no emergency? You’ll want to fix that—stat! We can help. 

At Asurion, we show you how to make the most of the tech you love, whether you want to set up or remove your lock screen or block texts on your Android phone. Here’s what you need to know if your Android phone is stuck on Emergency SOS. 

What’s Emergency SOS mode? 

Emergency SOS is a feature on Android phones, usually turned on by default, that automatically calls emergency services (911 in the United States) and sends a message with your current location to your emergency contacts when you’re hurt or want someone to know your location to send help. in danger.

It may vary slightly depending on your Android device, but typically, Emergency SOS is activated by quickly pressing the Power button or the Side button five times or holding the Power and Volume buttons down at the same time for a few seconds. 

What if you trigger Emergency SOS by mistake? 

It’s possible to accidentally activate Emergency SOS by pushing the Power button when you didn’t mean to. If you place a call to emergency services by mistake, don’t hang up. Tell the emergency operator that the call is a false alarm and that you don’t need assistance.

Why would your Android phone get stuck in Emergency SOS mode? 

Besides making accidental calls, your Android device can also get stuck in Emergency SOS mode. Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Your Android phone has a software glitch. 
  • Your network settings are incorrect.
  • You have Wi-Fi issues.  
  • You tried to install unauthorized apps on your Android (known as jailbreaking). 

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How to fix an Android phone stuck in Emergency SOS mode? 

Try these simple fixes if your phone is stuck on Emergency SOS:

Force restart your Android device

A restart may get you out of SOS mode. To force restart: 

  1. Press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds. For some models, like a Samsung® phone, you may also have to hold the Volume Down button at the same time, but it should only take a few seconds. 
  2. When your screen turns back on, release the buttons. 

Make sure your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network

Try checking and if necessary, resetting your network settings. Here’s how:

Check your cellular network 

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Network operators
  2. A list of network providers should show up. Select yours and see if this fixes the problem. 

Check your Wi-Fi connection

  1. Open Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is switched on. 
  2. If you’re not connected, select a network and enter your passcode if prompted. 

Turn Airplane Mode on and off 

  1. Open Settings > Connections > Airplane Mode
  2. Switch on Airplane Mode, then switch it off again. 

Update your software

Software issues could lead to your phone getting stuck in SOS mode. Try updating it to solve the problem. Check out our guide on how to update your Android phone.

Enable Safe Mode  

Try using Safe Mode to disable apps that may be causing an issue for your Android device: 

  1. Press and hold the Power button. 
  2. When your phone starts up, press and hold the Volume Down button until you see Safe Mode appear on your screen. 
  3. To exit Safe Mode, restart your device. 

Factory reset your Android phone

As a last resort, you can factory reset your Android phone if it’s still stuck in Emergency SOS mode. Make sure you back up all your data before you begin so you don’t lose your settings, photos, and other crucial information during the reset. Follow these steps to factory reset your Android phone

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