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Everything parents need to know about PS5 parental controls

Child playing PS5

Fast fix: 

  1. In the parental control settings, go to Content and Interaction Restrictions.
  2. Adjust the age restrictions and choose the appropriate rating levels.
  3. Turn on the safe chat features to limit interactions with strangers and prevent cyberbullying.

As parents, we always want our kids to have fun, but we also want to make sure they are safe and healthy. That's where PS5® parental controls come in. They can set time limits, block inappropriate games and conversations, and even restrict what they buy. These features allow you to monitor and manage what your children are doing on their PlayStation®, and make sure they only play appropriate games for their age.

At Asurion, our experts get questions about parental controls and video games every day, so they understand how parents feel about protecting their children online. 

Here's their guide to PS5 parental controls. 

How to access parental controls on PS5

Follow these simple steps to change the parental control settings on your PS5:

  1. Turn on your PS5 and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon) on the top-right corner of the home screen.
  3. Select Family and Parental Controls> Family Management. 
  4. You can change  parental control settings to customize your child's console

Set Play Time limits

Want to make sure your child is keeping a healthy balance between gaming and other activities. Play Time settings can help. 

  1. In the parental control settings, choose Play Time Settings.
  2. Select your child's account and set the desired time restrictions for weekdays and weekends.

Restrict games and online interaction

Follow these steps to protect your child from inappropriate games or interactions online.

  1. In the parental control settings, choose Communication and User-Generated Content.
  2. Change age restrictions and pick the appropriate rating and age levels.
  3. Turn on safe chat features to curb your child’s interactions with strangers.

You can also set this feature to Restricted or Not Allowed to remove your child’s ability to communicate online through their PS5.  

Allow only approved games and apps

Make sure your child only accesses age-appropriate games and applications by following these steps:

  1. In the parental control settings, select Allowed Games.
  2. Choose the appropriate age-rating restrictions for games and applications.
  3. Use the Approved List feature to select specific titles you consider suitable for your child.

Manage PS5 spending

Want to control how much your child spends each month on gaming?

  1. Go to Settings > Family and Parental Controls > Family Management
  2. Choose your child's account and select Parental Controls > Monthly Spending Limit.

Prevent changes to Parental Controls

Worried your child will alter the Parental Controls? Prevent them from doing so by following these steps:

  1. In the parental control settings, select PS5 Console Restrictions.
  2. Type in the existing console restriction passcode. If this is your first time setting it, use the default passcode, 0000.
  3. Select Change Your Console Restriction Passcode. Set a new passcode or PIN to prevent unauthorized changes. Re-enter the passcode to confirm.

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