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8 smart ways to use your old Android tablet

young woman in the kitchen looking at her old Android tablet

Got an old Android™ tablet cluttering up your closet? You're not the only one. According to our 2022 survey, most Americans have between one and five devices at home that they no longer use. And it's not just about clutter—old electronics, like an Android tablet, could be a fire hazard.

So, what should you do? Throwing an old tablet away isn't an option—doing so is illegal in many states because the metals and chemicals in your old tech can be toxic. You could recycle it—that's easy and environmentally responsible. But a better option, depending on your needs, could be to give your old tablet new life. We'll walk you through some creative ways to do that.

At Asurion, we're your one-stop shop for protecting, troubleshooting, and learning more about your technology—whether you're looking to repair or replace your computer or figure out how to set up a smart home. Here are 8 old Android tablet uses that can help your wallet—and the planet.

Turn your tablet into a second monitor

You can turn your Android tablet into a second monitor by connecting it to your Windows™ computer running Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11. Both your tablet and your computer will need a Wi-Fi connection to get started. You'll also need a third-party app like Spacedesk.

Create a universal smart remote

Fighting over the remote at home? Make your own by turning your old Android tablet into a universal remote. Simply download an app for Roku®, Fire TV™, or other streaming video players, and you'll have an app-based tablet remote that'll work over Wi-Fi. A bonus: It's much harder to lose your tablet in your couch.

Get cooking with your old tablet

Try setting up your old Android tablet in the kitchen to display recipes from cooking apps like Tasty®. A tablet takes up less space than a laptop, and if it's your old device, you won't have to worry about a little pasta sauce on the screen. You can also download apps like Pandora® or Spotify® to play music while you cook.

Turn your Android tablet into a smart home hub

Another creative use for your old Android tablet is to turn it into a central hub to control all your smart home devices—from lights to security cameras. The process will vary depending on your device. If you have an Amazon Fire® tablet, you'll navigate to the Device Dashboard to access your smart devices. If you have a Samsung Galaxy® tablet, you'll use SmartThings®. Then, to add or delete any smart home devices to your hub, you'll need to do so in the Alexa™ app.

Make a digital photo frame

Tap into a photo-sharing service, like Google Photos® or Flickr®, and your Android tablet can run slideshows featuring your favorite photos.

Convert your Android tablet into a dedicated e-reader

Here's the perfect job for your old tablet: Use it to read books. Just download one of your favorite Android e-reader apps, and get your nose into a digital novel or memoir.

Turn your tablet into an alarm clock

Put your Android tablet on wake-up duty—a customizable alarm clock app comes with your device.

Play retro games

If you're into old-school computer games, you might want to turn your old tablet into a retro gaming console. You'll need an emulator, a program that lets you run software on your tablet from a completely different device. A good place to start is RetroArch, which can show you how to set it up.

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