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How smart is your luggage?

Looking for the best possible travel experience? Smart luggage can’t make your plane take off on time, but with features like GPS tracking, USB charging, and built-in scales, your trusty bag can do much more than carry your clothes.  

At Asurion, we’ll show you how your favorite devices can help you navigate life, whether you want to get the most out of your tech while traveling or use your phone to travel stress-free. Here’s our guide to smart luggage and how it’s changing our travel. 

What’s a smart bag? 

A smart bag is any piece of luggage—a carry-on, roller bag, backpack, etc.— that has one or more electric components like a power bank, charging port, tracking chip, or built-in scales, and in some cases, can even move through the airport on its own or convert into an electric scooter. If your smart suitcase has lithium-ion batteries, check with your airline before you travel to make sure it’s allowed onboard. The FAA typically doesn’t allow you to check items with lithium-ion batteries due to the potential fire hazard. 

Key features of smart bags

Smart luggage helps you with travel challenges like a lost bag or a draining phone battery. Here are some of the coolest and most helpful smart bag features:

Built-in USB chargers. 

Want to charge your devices directly from your suitcase? Built-in USB charging ports are super convenient—no more searching for a place to charge your phone or worrying about hackers (ever heard of juice-jacking?) at public charging stations. 

GPS tracking. 

Luggage features GPS tracking, which can be monitored through a smartphone app, allowing you to pinpoint the location of your bag at any moment from any place.

Remote locks. 

Worry less about theft with a TSA-approved lock you can control remotely with your smartphone.

Weight sensors. 

A built-in scale automatically weighing and displaying your bag’s weight will prevent extra fees for overweight luggage at the airport ticket counter. 

Proximity alerts. 

A smart bag that notifies you when you leave your bag behind, or someone moves it will let you keep track of your luggage. 

Benefits of a smart bag

Traveling can be stressful. A smart bag can help keep you calm when you carry on—or check your luggage— with smart features that let you charge your devices, track your bag's location, lock it with your fingerprint, weigh it automatically, and more. 

Here are some of the benefits of carrying smart bags: Convenience. Smart bags with a built-in charger like the Away® Carry-On Flex or Heys® Smart 21” Airline Approved Carry On keep your devices ready to use during your trip. 

Security. Luggage with smart locks like WEEGO® Smart Carry-On Luggage with Smart Lock and External USB Output or Monos® Hybrid Carry-On Plus make sure your belongings arrive at your destination with you.

Function. A suitcase that can follow you through the airport automatically like the Airwheel SR5 or a compact roller bag with a removable battery (you can remove it when it needs recharging)  like the July® Classic Carry On make traveling a breeze.

Speed. Zip through the airport faster with a smart bag that converts into a scooter like the Airwheel Se3S Smart Rideable Luggage or the Floh® Scooter Travel Bag. Your kids will thank you, too. 

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