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The latest in smart home technology – for your pet

It turns out that taking advantage of today’s smart home technology doesn’t just help the human inhabitants of your home — there are also smart home benefits for your four-legged friends. Automated pet care products help you keep an eye on your pet when you’re away, and provide them a safe, fun and clean environment.

Check out our list of some of the latest and greatest smart home tech for pets – everything from GPS pet trackers to WiFi-enabled automatic pet feeders:

GPS pet tracker

If your pet is a wanderer or an escape artist, then a pet tracker is the perfect accessory. There are several different types available now, and the best pet tracker for you will depend on your furry friend’s habits and what features matter most to you. Devices such as the Whistle Go/Health & Location Tracker for Pets offer 24/7 real-time GPS tracking and notifies you via the connected app, text message, or email in case your pet manages to get out of designated safe zones. Additionally, with the Whistle Go, you can keep an eye on your pet’s health and fitness, making sure they’re getting enough exercise and catching any potential health issues.

Pet camera – that serves treats!

Being able to keep an eye on your pet when you’re away is great. But imagine being able to not only see them, but virtually interact with and toss treats to them! That’s exactly what a pet feeder with camera like Furbo can do. This smart device offers full HD video and two-way audio, plus a dispenser that holds up to 100 of your pet’s favorite treats. Easily connect the pet camera to your home’s WiFi network and check in on your furry friend throughout the day – plus toss them a treat with a simple touch of a button – using an app on your smartphone. Bonus: Furbo has an extra built-in feature that ensures your pet’s safety. If your pet begins being more vocal than usual, you’ll receive a bark alert on your phone so you can check in to make sure everything is okay.

Automatic pet feeder

With everything we all have to do throughout our busy days, it’s easy to find yourself away from home longer than expected. Make sure Fluffy gets fed right on time with the help of a WiFi-enabled smart pet feeder, like the Petkit Automatic Pet Feeder. Serve your pet dinner from anywhere, anytime, with the Petkit app that works on both iOS and Android. Easily set portion sizes and you can even set a recurring schedule to dispense food several times throughout the day.

Smart hub for pets

Does your dog get bored and into mischief while you’re away? Check into an interactive smart pet hub like the CleverPet. CleverPet uses “proven techniques to offer interactions that adapt to the needs of individual dogs automatically.” CleverPet rewards dogs with treats after they successfully complete puzzles, keeping them busy throughout the day. And, like any proud parent, you’re able to track your dog’s progress through your smartphone.

Self-cleaning litter box

automatic self cleaning litter box

Sure, we all love our pets. But no one loves one smelly part of the pet-owning job: cleaning up after them. Thankfully, there’s a smart cleaning device that you can add to your smart home that takes care of the dirty work – an automatic litter box like the Litter-Robot. Say goodbye to scooping and hello to this smart device that takes care of clean up for you. With its Connect app, compatible with both iOS and Android, you can turn on notifications to let you know when the box needs your attention and control it from wherever you are.