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How to use the Google Home app on your PC

If you use the Google Home® app on your phone to manage your smart home devices, you may be wondering whether you can do the same on your PC. The answer is sometimes.

The app is designed to work with Android™ and iOS® mobile devices. But if you want to control Google Home from your computer, there are a few options. We'll walk you through them.

At Asurion, we help you get the most from and care for your tech, whether you want to connect your Google Home to Wi-Fi or clean your laptop keyboard. Here's our guide to using the Google Home app for your laptop or desktop.

How to use the Google Home app on your PC

If you want to use your Google Home app for your computer—say, to monitor your outdoor security cameras on a big screen while you're working at your desk—the easiest way to access the app is with a Chromebook™ (if you have one.) If you don't, you can use the Google Chrome internet browser, at least for casting and streaming.

Manage your smart home devices with your Chromebook

If your PC is a Chromebook, you can control your Google Home from it just like you do on your phone. Simply download the Google Home app via the Google Play™ store on your Chromebook.

Use Google Chrome for casting and streaming

Don't have a Chromebook? If Google Chrome is your default browser and you've downloaded the latest version, you can use the Google Home app to stream audio and video from your laptop to certain connected Google Home devices such as your Google Nest Mini or your Google Nest Hub. Just open the Chrome browser, and then:

  1. Click the More icon (three vertical dots).
  2. Click Cast, and select the device you'd like to connect to.

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